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Now days, a lot of people rely on their car chargers to keep their energy hungry mobile devices running. So why not use a car charger that can promote your brand in a best way possible? With its LID technology, Juice-Up car charger lights up when charging a device. The Juice-Up car charger works with cigarette lighter socket in any car and can charge two mobile devices at a fast speed at the same time with USB/Micro cable while still lighting up to enhance promotion of brand messages with the same LID technology.

Promotional USB Car Charger

Custom USB Car Charger

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Some Features of Car Chargers:

Light Up Branding Space: What makes Juice-Up car charger different from other power banks in the market is its unique LID. Juice-Up car charger Lights when it’s charging a mobile device to maximize visibility of your brand and Promotion of your company!

Compatibility: Juice-Up car charger will charge any two mobile devise that are chargeable through USB cord.

Two USB outlets: Juice-Up car charger has two USB slots and can charge two mobile devices at the same time, which mean it can both charge your phone and you power bank at the same time while you are driving!

2100mA Output: Super Fast Charging Speed: Juice-up offers a superior charging speed to most other Power Banks on the market today!

Large Branding Space: Juice-Up power car charger offers a large space for branding (3 x 5 cm) which will help you to maximize your promotions and showcase your logo and brand message properly!

Octo-IV Universal Cable: It can be used to charge power bank and mobile phones and its compatible will all devices that have USB and micro USB ports. Also iPhone 4 and 5 cables are included.

Rush Delivery Period: We are able to finish the printing and preparing of your USB car chargers in a very short period of time. Most orders get shipped out in just 2 to 3 working days.

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